Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mummy, I need the toilet.....

Kids aren't really designed to go on long car journeys. Why is it that approximately 5 minutes after you've left home, a little voice will pipe up from the back seat with "Mum, I need a wee wee". 

Finding a toilet in record time is often a challenge in itself, particularly if you are toilet training. We all know how fussy these little hips can be about specific toilets. I distinctly remember as a child, on our car journeys from the UK to Switzerland, I often had to go and find a tree, as there were no public toilets nearby. Well, fear no more. Thanks to the National Public Toilet Map, you can plan your stops, or at least find out at the touch of a button where the nearest public toilet is. You can also plan your journey in advance and print out a map of exactly where the nearest loos are, or even better, for iphone users, you can download the free 'find a loo' App. Perfect...How very convenient.

Of course, the fabulous 'My Carry Potty' is an essential asset to your car. Just in case you don't quite make the nearest public loo, the 'My Carry Potty' can be used, closed up, and then popped back in the car, and then emptied at the nearest public loo. That water tight leak proof seal really does work...I know! For the 'My Carry Potty' review, click on this link.

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