Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Appy hips

I am loving my iPhone. I also love being on the go with my little hips. Sometimes though, one of them requires that extra bit of 'something' to occupy them. I have got past the stage of reluctantly handing my iPhone over to them. I now know I won't win that battle. So out comes the iPhone, and peace reigns once more. Apps are todays way of occupying the kids for five minutes when you are at the bank, supermarket or doctors waiting room.

So here we go - here are my favourite kids apps of the moment;

Little Miss right hip loves to have a bit of a sing a long to this Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose which you can play in five different languages! How very clever.

Another family favourite is Peekaboo Forest (from the creators of Peekaboo Barn, and Peekaboo Wild). The animals hide in the forest, and once found, you hear their call, and name. Both my little ones love this, and I personally think the graphics are rather beautiful! Peekaboo Barn has been played 12 million times, so no doubt Peekaboo Forest will become just as popular.

Bumblebee Touchbook is wonderful for all ages. My 21 month old listens to the music whilst Mr 3 recognises and reads the words. Fabulous educational tool. Love it.

And one for the mums to be (whilst waiting in the bank or hospital) is Baby Names Plus - a very handy app full of very hip baby names. File your favourites list away, and look back when the baby comes!

Love love love my iPhone...AND so do my hips!

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