Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah, hip are you?

Well, silly old me. Having lived in such close proximity to Melbourne's Scienceworks for quite a while, who knows why I've never visited before? I suppose with left hip being just 3, and right hip being 1, I always thought that my little hips were a bit too young, however, just going to use the fabulous playground facilities outside is well worth the very reasonable entry fee.

Scienceworks has a fabulous section called Nitty Gritty Super City, aimed at 3 to 8 year olds. Its an interactive fun exhibition where the little hips are encouraged to push buttons, pull ropes, build bridges, and even serve each other in a mini cafe. Little Miss 1 year old adored the cafe, whereas Mr 3 loved the city of Melbourne built entirely of lego.

After exploring the Sportsworks section where you can race against Cathy Freeman, and the Houseworks section, where you can find out what goes on behind the day to day appliances at home, our little hips needed some playtime, and where better than the fabulous playgrounds and oval outside. There are 3 or 4 different play areas to amuse all ages, a very reasonable and newly refurbished cafe, an amphitheatre where if nothing on is a great place to have a picnic, and and BBQ and picnic areas.

We will definitely be back, and may even consider getting a family pass which entitles you to entry to the Melbourne Museum and Immigration Museum too. There are many other exhibitions on at Scienceworks and also the Planetarium, plus a school holiday program to keep your little hips amused. I highly recommend it to all hips, young and not so young...


  1. would you say its worth taking a 2.5 yr old to scienceworks? i have been thinking about it but waiting because i don't want to rush out and do things while he is too young to understand!

  2. My 21 month old loved running around and playing with everything in the 'city'. She was more into some of the things than my 3 year old. Saying that though, I know what you mean. I've waited till now. But to be honest, the outdoor area is fab. lots of little play areas, a good cafe, a good secure space to run around etc. i would say don't expect to much, and you might be surprised. Plus its only $8 entry for free.

  3. Science Works is Abs Fab, particularly in Winter, the upstairs area is brilliant for the little ones. We tend to go at least every 6 - 8 weeks, the Girls love it! Take Note: The School Trips tend to go between 10 - 1pm, which can be absolute Chaos!!! We tend to go around 1pm when it's quieter & our Young Babes can play freely without being pushed out of the way by Excitable School Kiddies. (post by Kazza Murrays)


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