Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need a seriously hip boost-er?

There are a couple of seriously hip booster seats making waves at the moment. Gone are the days of bulky uncomfortable plastic booster seats. Take a look at these hip inventions...

Bubblebum is the portable, foldable, lovable Booster Seat. Designed for 3 - 11 year olds, this hip inflatable booster seat is perfect for travelling, whether it be in a hire car, taxi, coach journeys or car pooling. When not needed, it can be deflated and folded up, and placed in your back pack. Brilliant.

The second wonderful invention is the BoostApak. It is another fabulous creation from the Trunki family, and again is designed for the 4 - 12 years olds in mind. BoostApak not only is a very comfortable and funky looking booster seat, but also doubles up as a very cool pack back. 

Please note: Sadly, these are approved under the United Nations safety regulations, so therefore due to strict Australian safety standards, these fabulous product are not yet available in Australia, however seem to be quite freely allowed in many other countries. It really is such a shame and maybe the Australian regulations may change to adapt to these, however in the meantime, they are perfect additions to travelling overseas, especially in the UK where they are freely available as were both created there.

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