Sunday, January 9, 2011

a hip 'tag a long' invention

You know what. My 3 year left hip loves to walk. He also still loves to run. Everywhere. Now when we go for a walk, or we're out and about, or even on holiday somewhere, he usually walks along with the hip adults, whilst little miss right hip has a ride in the pram. Most of the time left hip is great, but if he see's something that he loves (be it a dog, an ice cream or even a dinosaur), he may just loose all concentration for a moment, and do a runner.

Methinks we need one of these Tag a longs. We've just stumbled across these recently, and I do think they are a rather hip invention, especially for the little hip traveller. We want our kids to have their freedom, and they don't really want to hold mummy hips hand too much (and we need our hands free too!) How about holding onto this hip brightly coloured Tag a long?

'Tag a long' straps are very easily fixed onto your stroller / pram, shopping trolley, or even nappy bag. Not only are they BPA free, but they also come in four very hip colours; lemon, tangerine, blueberry and raspberry, which make them very attractive and fun for the little hip to hold onto.

Available from Bonito Baby, I think this little hip family will most certainly be making use of one of these.

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  1. I am not a parent but, this could definitely come in handy as "gifts" for friends of mine who have baby #1 and #2... Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great New Year!


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