Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it a night light? Is it a sipper cup? Its...

At The Little Hip Traveller, we love products that have multiple uses, and this very hip Litecup fits the bill. The Litecup is both a no spill cup, and a night light, and therefore its uses are endless. For both little or bigger hips, it can be used at home, camping, travelling, picnics, for waking up thirsty, for breastfeeding mums at night, for late / early shift workers, or just as a nightlight. How very versatile!

We also love the little bit of poetry that the clever clogs from Litecup versed together;

"This beaker with a night light keeps monsters away
while an anti-spill system keeps spillage at bay
Suck the valve at the rim so the drink starts to flow
then place it back by the bed and leave it to glow."

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