Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going on a plane...?

If you are heading off on a flight with your little hips, you've got to make sure you take this little book with you. Usbourne books have another cracker of a book (we are big Usbourne fans)....Going on a Plane is a very cute story of Tim and Rosie's adventures on board their plane.

It shows them packing their suitcases, driving to the airport, checking in, going through security, boarding, watching the safety instructions, taking off, eating plane food, watching TV, going to the tiny teeny loos, landing, picking up the luggage and heading off in a taxi to their destination. A brilliant way to get your little hips prepared for what may be a rather new and daunting experience. The best part of all is, its a sticker book, so your little ones can stick on suitcases, planes, plane food, and all sorts all through the book which will definitely keep them entertained for a while.

Totally worth the $10...

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