Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A beautiful organically hip ring sling..

We were recently sent the most beautiful Ellaroo Ring Sling by the very kind and generous people from Natural Origins. I have to say, the moment I took it out of its very handy organic cotton shoulder bag, I just loved the feel of the 100% organic cotton, and with the stunning embroidery, it certainly looked fabulously hip, and rather special.

One of my besties immediately decided it was the sling for her, and whisked it off for a trial with her very little new bubba. The reports that I got back from her were, even though it was initially a teeny bit tricky to put on, (she felt a little bit nervous squeezing Mr newborn bubba in - but I am sure that gets very easy with practice, and it comes with some very concise instructions), it was remarkably comfortable, very secure, and a perfect and most discreet way to feed the little man. Plus it also stopped him bobbing his little head up and getting totally distracted, as they do. The long flowing part of the sling (correct terminology is the 'tail'), adds as an extra cover to provide shade, or just a cover, or perhaps to mop up any spills. And yes, the sling is fully machine washable too.

Once the baby is settled in the sling, it is remarkably easy to manoeuvre him into different positions according to his needs; feeding, sleeping, gazing out into the world, or just being snug next to mum or dad. Whilst the baby's back and neck is always securely supported, the sling fits comfortably on mum or dad with the wide cushioned padding (allergy free, and made out of recycled plastic bottles..wow!)

When out and about recently, my daughter decided she needed to be carried. I whisked out my Ellaroo Ring Sling, and popped her in. She is coming up to two years old, however was very happy to be sitting on my hip in the sling, and I have to say, it was really comfortable for me too, plus rather enjoyable not to have to run after her for once! She is only a wee thing, but can you believe that the slings are stress tested to 46 kilos?

The Ellaroo ring sling comes in various colours and designs. We were given the chocolate brown Brasilia style, which is simply stunning, and very hip looking too. No ugly straps or plastic buckles to contend with here, and a natural neutral colour so suitable for both parents, plus being very versatile to different shapes and sizes. The eco dyes contain no nasty chemicals too which we, at The Little Hip Traveller, just love.

I have to say, the Ellaroo Ring Sling is just perfect for when you are out and about, or travelling, and when you are not using it, it fits nice and neatly into the cotton shoulder bag.

Its a big thumbs up to this funky looking sling, and a huge thanks to Natural Origins for sending it our way.

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