Sunday, January 23, 2011

We have a new love...

Last year, my little hips' book of the moment (and then the film) was The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We all know it off by heart, and often practice Gruffalo walking when we are out and about (yes, a sight to see). 

This year, our book/film of choice so far is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Its not new - the book has been around since 2005 - however it seems to have just caught the attention of my little hips, and really is such a beautiful story. It goes like this. A penguin turns up at the boys house, and the boy tries to find the penguins' home for him, even rowing to the South pole. But then, when they finally say goodbye, they're not sure if they can be parted! 

The short film, around 25 mins in length, is rather touching, and even bought a tear to my eye. Oliver Jeffers has also written several other wonderful stories including one of our other new favourites; The Way Back Home.

Books and short films in general are perfect for filling up long hours travelling or a great form of entertainment when you out and about, and of course, we all love a good read. Methinks our old favourite 'The Gruffalo' might have to be put back on the shelf (for a little bit!) 

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